The week of prizewinners (third prize)

Collage of the same man in three different images

The second day of our “The Week of Prizewinners“!
Today you will meet our winner of the Third Prize! He is young, handsome and very talented tenor from Sweden!

Let us introduce you to Joel Annmo!

-How do you feel after getting the Third prize in our competition?

“It feels, of course, very nice to be awarded third prize. You never know what it’s going to feel like during the competition, you just try to do your best under the circumstances.”

-What does it mean for you to be on stage in front of an audience? / What inspires you?

“For me, it means great moments you can not get in any other way. After a good performance where you feel the audience is responding, you feel high on emotions and excitement. This is what I always aim for, this special feeling when you have a connection to all the people around you. That is what inspires me.”

Joel Annmo (tenor, Sweden) (Third Prize)
Thank you very much for such sensitive interpretation of Lensky (“Eugene Onegin” Tchaikovsky). It was such an emotional performance! Well done!

Congratulations and good luck in your future career!

See you tomorrow with the answers from the next prizewinners ?