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Wilhelm Stenhammar International Music Competition

  • WSIMC 2020

    WSIMC 2020

  • WSIMC 2018 Photo: Ann-Charlotte Sandelin

    WSIMC 2018 Photo: Ann-Charlotte Sandelin

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Håkan Hagegård
Håkan HagegårdProfessor and Royal Court Singer
”I support the Wilhelm Stenhammar International Music Competition. It provides a unique possibility for young opera singers from all over the world to prove their talents and to make giant leaps in their careers.”
Nina Stemme
Nina StemmeInternationally acclaimed Swedish soprano,
Royal Court Singer and Kammersängerin.
”As an international opera singer I know how valuable high level competitions are. I support the WSIMC. It certainly gives young opera singers big opportunities.”
Katarina Karnéus
Katarina KarnéusInternationally renowned
Swedish mezzo soprano.
”I have for the last 20 years been internationally active as an opera singer and this is foremost because I won a big singing competition. The WSIMC is a very fine opera competition which can give young singers a chance to be acknowledged and in due course lead to a career as an opera singer. I support it Katarina Karnéus, internationellt with my heart.”
Daniel Johansson
Daniel JohanssonInternational Tenor Singer,
winner of the WSIMC 2012
”The WSIMC is an international competition at the very top level. It is an honour to be selected. Competitions of this scope and quality are scarce and I am proud that Sweden can offer one of the best.”
Camilla Lundberg
Camilla LundbergMusic Critic and Author
”The Wilhelm Stenhammar International Music Competition is impressive in its scope and quality. Seventy singers from twenty countries compete for fame and money, both needed for prosperous international opera careers. The WSIMC gives opera a boost in Sweden and elsewhere.”
Birgitta Svendén
Birgitta SvendénGeneral and Artistic Director of
the Royal Swedish Opera
"Competitions of high international standards are important inspirational and career drivers for future opera singers. During its first ten years, The WSIMC has proved to be just that, a competition of very high quality. The Swedish and international opera life have much to thank the WSIMC for. I will gladly support it."
Sonja Stenhammar
Sonja StenhammarArtistic Director
”I am happy and proud to have been able to arrange an international opera competition in Sweden since 2006, on the highest possible level. Many of our singers have developed prosperous careers and are now singing at some of the most famous opera scenes around the world. WSIMC reinforces the picture of Sweden as a nation of culture - also on the classical arena.”

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