The week of prizewinners (Second prize, Stenhammar prize and Audience´s prize)

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Dear loves of classical music, welcome back to our “The Week of Prizewinners“!
You will be truly impressed by this young, beautiful and incredibly talented soprano lady from South Korea! Her magnificent performances and artistry stole public’s hearts! And not only public… We have the honor of introducing you to Hayoung Ra. Hayoung is the winner of the Second prize, Stenhammar prize, and Audience´s prize! Wow! We hope that 14th June was such a wonderful day for her!

And now is the time to know a little bit more about Hayoung Ra! Enjoy the reading!

-How do you feel after getting the Second, Stenhammar and Audience’s prizes in our competition?

“I feel just.. It was a dream, never real! I could not believe that I got the 2nd, Stenhammer and also Audience’s prizes. Because I’m just thinking about this competition is finished. After getting the prizes, I prayed to God for thanks. For me Audience’s prize has really great meaning because I touched the audiences deeply, that’s why.”

-What does it mean for you to be on stage in front of an audience? / What inspires you?

“I’m always thinking on stage that I try to touch the audience emotionally. Only with skill for singing, I cannot touch them. I want to impress them by showing my music that only I can do rather than the songs that all singers can do. If only one person hears my song and weeps, that’s why I sing.”

Hayoung Ra Hayoung Ra
Such a great words! Thanks a lot, dear Hayoung! And thanks for such emotional performances (V.Bellini, I Capuleti e i Montecchi; C.Gounod, Faust ). Well done!

Congratulations and good luck in your future career!

See you tomorrow with the answers from our last prizewinner ?