Viktor Priebe, Countertenor, Sweden

Erik Rosenius, Bass, Sweden

Annika Sandberg, Soprano, Sweden

Kine Sandtrø, Soprano, Norway

Helena Schuback, Soprano, Sweden

David Risberg, Baritone, Sweden

Matilda Sterby, Soprano, Sweden

WenBo Shuai, Countertenor, China

Annika Westlund, Mezzo, Germany

Hannele Ahola, Soprano, Finland

Lotta Bagge, Mezzo, Sweden

Harpa Ósk Björnsdóttir, Soprano, Iceland

Mathilda Bryngelsson, Mezzo, Sweden

Amie Foon, Mezzo, Sweden

Cumhur Gorgun, Bass, Turkey

Jaesung Kim, Tenor, South Korea

Hakyeul Lee, Baritone, South Korea

Ebba Lejonclou, Mezzo, Sweden 

Sanna Matinniemi, Soprano, Finland

Celine Mun, Soprano, South Korea

Kristine Nowlain, Soprano, Sweden

Alva Olsson, Soprano Sweden

Thanks for all the applications!

The application is closed and we have received 124 applications from 29 countries.

Now we have started the tedious work of going through all the submitted material.

Answers to the application will be announced on April 15!

Congratulations from us at Stenhammar Competition!

We are thrilled for Christina Nilsson! In the upcoming season, she will be stepping into the role of Aida at the Metropolitan Opera, a role that signified her breakthrough at the Stockholm Opera six years ago.

From Christina Nilsson’s facebook page:

?Breaking News – Aida at The Metropolitan Opera House – March 2025?

It’s official!! I am making my debut as Aida next season at the Metropolitan Opera in New York together with a stellar cast ??? I couldn’t be happier that my debut will be with my beloved Aida, the role I made my operatic debut with six years ago in Stockholm and that have brought me so much joy!! Ahh words a too small right now, I’m just so freaking excited ???♥️


Photo by Hilda Ståhl

The application period has been extended to March 3. Welcome!

Vera Talerko, who received both the First prize and the Audience prize in the WSIMC competition 2022,
has just made a brilliant debut at the Hamburg Staatsoper! Vera appeared in the world premiere of Salvatore Sciarrino’s
“Venere e Adonis”, directed by the Opera Director himself, as well as our juror, Georges Delnon, and chief conductor
Kent Nagano. A 70-minute long and strong drama – based on the myth – with a very sparse musical costume that
makes great demands on the international ensemble.

Sopranen Christina Nilsson, som vann Stenhammartävlingen 2016, kan nu höras på Europas främsta scener och även på Kungl.Operan i både Tosca och Elektra under 2023. Christina debuterar i juni med Aida i Berlin.

Vi följer hennes karriär med stor spänning!

Läs hela artikeln från tidningen Opus: Christina-Nilsson-OPUS-116!


Zaza Gagua, Bass, Georgien

Yohan John Ji, Baritone, Southkorea

Abigail Levis, Mezzosoprano, USA

Clarke Ruth, Bass, Canada

Marie Dominique Ryckmanns, Soprano, Tyskland/Frankrike

Emma Sventelius, Mezzosoprano, Sverige

Vera Talerko, Soprano, Lettland

Rebecka Wallroth, Mezzosoprano, Sverige



After 2 years with Covid-19, its finally time for competition!

An excellent opportunity to meet our coming opera stars!

Competition days,  June, 10-15 10.30-18.00  ( Free entrance)

Final Concert Friday 17 June 6 pm. with The Norrköping Symphony Orchestra and 8 finalists



The application for WSIMC 2022 is now open. You can find information under current competition. Welcome with your application, and do not forget to look at the repertorie and the sheet music from Wilhelm Stenhammar.

Stenhammar Competition in June 2021 is cancelled! We had really hoped that it would be possible to arrange the WSIMC competition in June. Unfortunately, we still see a worrying spread of Covid-19, both in Sweden and abroad. Many countries still have closed borders and have also introduced costly PCR tests. The vaccine has also been delayed in many countries. In addition to all that, international flights are still going to a very limited extent. Therefore, it seems impossible that 70 singers, from 28 countries, could gather in Norrköping in June 2021. Due to the above details and restrictions, the WSIMC Board, has now decided to cancel WSIMC 2020/2021 and instead return to even years. We will therefore announce a new competition in June, 2022 with the schedule below.

Preliminary schedule

9 June Registration
10-12 June Round 1
13-15 June Round 2
16 June Rehearsal with finalists and The Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
17 June Final Concert