Zaza Gagua, Bass, Georgien

Yohan John Ji, Baritone, Southkorea

Abigail Levis, Mezzosoprano, USA

Clarke Ruth, Bass, Canada

Marie Dominique Ryckmanns, Soprano, Tyskland/Frankrike

Emma Sventelius, Mezzosoprano, Sverige

Vera Talerko, Soprano, Lettland

Rebecka Wallroth, Mezzosoprano, Sverige



After 2 years with Covid-19, its finally time for competition!

An excellent opportunity to meet our coming opera stars!

Competition days,  June, 10-15 10.30-18.00  ( Free entrance)

Final Concert Friday 17 June 6 pm. with The Norrköping Symphony Orchestra and 8 finalists



The application for WSIMC 2022 is now open. You can find information under current competition. Welcome with your application, and do not forget to look at the repertorie and the sheet music from Wilhelm Stenhammar.

Stenhammar Competition in June 2021 is cancelled! We had really hoped that it would be possible to arrange the WSIMC competition in June. Unfortunately, we still see a worrying spread of Covid-19, both in Sweden and abroad. Many countries still have closed borders and have also introduced costly PCR tests. The vaccine has also been delayed in many countries. In addition to all that, international flights are still going to a very limited extent. Therefore, it seems impossible that 70 singers, from 28 countries, could gather in Norrköping in June 2021. Due to the above details and restrictions, the WSIMC Board, has now decided to cancel WSIMC 2020/2021 and instead return to even years. We will therefore announce a new competition in June, 2022 with the schedule below.

Preliminary schedule

9 June Registration
10-12 June Round 1
13-15 June Round 2
16 June Rehearsal with finalists and The Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
17 June Final Concert

Due to the continued spread of Covid-19, the current guidelines issued by health officials, and the restrictions introduced to eradicate the disease worldwide, Wilhelm Stenhammar International Music Competition, has decided to postpone WSIMC 2020 to June 2021. This decision was taken by the WSIMC board April 17, 2020.

We are of course very disappointed by this development – we have been working very hard with all the planning for several months. But, it was with great satisfaction, we noticed, that our “pre-jury” had selected 70 excellent singers for the competition in June. We are therefore very pleased, to be able to offer, all the 70 selected singers, the opportunity to participate in the competition 2021 instead of 2020 and with the same rules and terms.

Preliminary schedule 2021

10 June          Registration

11-13 June     Round 1

14-16 June     Round 2

17 June          Rehearsal finalists and Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

18 June          Final Concert


It´s amazing that 120 singers, from around 30 countries, have signed up for WSIMC 2020!

We are also very happy to announce, that for the first time, the final concert on June 10, 2020, will be broadcast live in The Swedish Radio P2. In addition to that, all the competition days will be “streamed” on our website – which means that parents, teachers, friends and others,  can listen to “their” singers from all over the world. This is a big step forward into the future of the competition!

The application for WSIMC 2020 is now open. You can find information under current competition, the full program will be published later on. Welcome with your application, and do not forget to look at the repertorie and the sheet music from Wilhelm Stenhammar.

Sonja Stenhammar is a member of the jury in the VL International Musical Competition this year. The competition is organized to honor Dr. Luis Sigall, and it is held in Viña del Mar, Chile, between November 9th to 16th 2018.

Olga Kondina, our jury member and famous opera singer and professor from St. Petersburg, has generously offered to hold a short “master class.” Here you can see some of the moments of this fantastic event (12.06.18).

© Photo: Tanja Volkova

Today is our last day of “The Week of Prizewinners”!
? Drum roll ?

And the Winner of Wilhelm Stenhammar International Music Competition is …
He is young and handsome! He is very talented and charismatic tenor! His homeland is South Korea! Warmly greet our winner Yohan Kim!! Congratulations, dear Yohan!

And now is the time to know a little bit more about our winner. We hope that you will enjoy his answers. We were truly impressed by his words!

-How do you feel after winning our competition?

“When announcing the first place of competition, I was very surprised. Also, I could not believe my eyes while watching my name on the certificate of award. I doubt it and keep watching the certificate of award. I have won many competitions. But, this award is special to me. After I got the medical malpractice during wisdom teeth removal surgery 2 years ago, inflammation of my throat and jaw torment me. To remove the inflammation, I underwent the big surgical operation for 4 hours and received hospital treatment for one year. I practice a lot for recovery of my voice. I think that is why I got good performance. I am a Christian. I thank God for his grace and glory.”

-What does it mean for you to be on stage in front of an audience? / What inspires you?

“My joy in singing in front of an audience is not depending on my performance. I just want them to be happy with my song. So, I want to communicate with them and sing for them. I love the color of nature. I get the positive energy form natural landscape such as trees, flowers and green fields. With this positive energy, I sincerely sing a song.”

Final concert
Such heart touching words! Thanks a lot, dear Yohan! And thanks for such emotional performances (G.Donizetti, La Fille du Régiment; G. Puccini, La Boheme). Well done!

Congratulations and good luck in your future career!