Welcome to exciting competition days on June 8 – 11 from 10:00 to 19:00 (preliminary times)

Free entry!

Final concert on Thursday, June 13 at 18:00, at de Geerhallen with 8 finalists together with Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Tickets for the final concert are available on the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra’s website.

We are very happy to once again welcome singers from all corners of the earth to this year’s Stenhammar competition!

The competition takes place on June 7 – 13, 2024 in Louis de Geer Norrköping.

After receiving over 130 applications from 29 countries, 45 singers have now been selected for this year’s competition.

Here are this year’s competitors in WSIMC 2024:

  • Hannele Ahola, sopran, Finland
  • Alexander Aldren, tenor, UK
  • Lotta Bagge, mezzo, Sweden
  • Harpa Ósk Björnsdóttir, sopran, Iceland
  • Mathilda Bryngelsson, mezzo, Sweden
  • Sigrid Bøe, sopran, Norway
  • Kuy Choi, baryton, South Korea
  • Fredrik Essunger, baryton, Sweden
  • Amie Foon, mezzo, Sweden
  • Cumhur Gorgun, bas, Turkey
  • Gabriella Guilfoil, mezzo, USA
  • Daniel Gwon, baryton, South Korea
  • Meiyan Han, mezzo, China
  • Chinatsu Hatano, sopran, Japan
  • Mikael Horned, baryton, Sweden
  • Fanya Jin, sopran, China
  • Hugo Kampschreur, tenor, Netherlands
  • Jaesung Kim, tenor, South Korea
  • Jiyu Kim, sopran, South Korea
  • Taeryul Kim, baryton, South Korea
  • Byung Jun Ko, baryton, South Korea
  • Katrin Helena Kuslap, sopran, Estonia
  • Arne Kvarven, tenor, Norway
  • Dohoon Lee, bas, South Korea
  • Hakyeul Lee, baryton, South Korea
  • Ebba Lejonclou, mezzo, Sweden
  • Elisabeth Leyser, mezzo, Sweden
  • Julia Lindgren, sopran, Sweden
  • Jean-Philippe Mc Clish, bas, Canada
  • Sanna Matinnniemi, sopran, Finland
  • Celine Mun, sopran, South Korea
  • Kristine Nowlain, sopran, Sweden
  • Alva Olsson, sopran, Sweden
  • Caroline Ottocan, sopran, Sweden
  • Viktor Priebe, countertenor, Sweden
  • Tomi Punkeri, baryton, Finland
  • David Risberg, baryton, Sweden
  • Erik Rosenius, Bas, Sweden
  • Annika Sandberg, sopran, Sweden
  • Kine Sandtrø, sopran, Norway
  • Helena Schuback, sopran, Sweden
  • Florentine Schumacher, sopran, Germany
  • WenBo Shuai, Countertenor, China
  • Jonah Spungin, baryton, Canada
  • Luke Terence Scott, baryton, UK/Scotland
  • Ylva Sofia Stenberg, sopran, Sweden
  • Matilda Sterby, sopran, Sweden
  • Xia Wang, sopran, China
  • Annika Westlund, mezzo, Germany