First prize 100 000 SEK
Second prize 60 000 SEK
Third prize 40 000 SEK
Fourth prize 20 000 SEK
Audience´s prize 20 000 SEK
Mozart prize 10 000 SEK

According to Swedish fiscal legislation, 15% tax will be deducted from the prize.

Special prize
Stenhammar prize 10 000 SEK given by Cecilia Stenhammar, for the best interpretation of Wilhelm Stenhammar songs.

The prize-giving ceremony will be held after the Final Concert and after the Jury meeting. Each prize-winner must be present to receive his/her prize in person.

We also provide the following engagements:

The first prize-winner will be engaged as soloist with
The Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Sweden, during the season 2018-2019 or at another convenient date. Value 30.000 SEK.

The First Price Winner will be invited to take part of The Musical Olympus Festival in S:t Petersburg, Russia.